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The West Coast Ford Lincoln has been a loyal supporter of the Citizens on Patrol for more than a decade, proudly assisting this volunteer group dedicated to keeping the communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows safe.

The RCMP Citizens on Patrol includes more than 60 volunteers that work in pairs to monitor the neighborhoods and observe any suspicious activity. Each pair volunteers their time for four hours per month with personal and marked vehicles in addition to foot patrol. When driving the personal vehicle, the volunteers report in any suspicious or criminal activity they see to the police. Marked cars are used to help deter crime in the area.

The participants call in to the police via VHF radio and have no direct contact with criminals. They also participate in the ICBC Stolen Auto Recovery Program where they check license plates for stolen vehicles.

To learn more about this valuable program and about your local RCMP Citizens on Patrol, contact Charlene Hargreaves at (604) 467-7644.